Thursday, June 5, 2014

Singapore Food Round-Up, part 2

Previously on CreamySteaks: Singapore Food Round-Up, part 1. 

(smash cuts of people on a plane screaming, soft serve ice cream, malls, beaches, a Burger King sign, keychain of a squishy pancake being clutched & dropped dramatically into the ocean from 60,000 feet)

That about covered it!

I left off the last post with a late night Chewy Junior snack of cream puffs - their website is up and has been redesigned, so take a look for more flavors. I had a box of some of the most boring it seems, which is a shame - I would've liked to have tried a few others. Honeydew chocolate, roasted buckwheat, and one of the new cuva cakes (combining lava cake with cupcakes) would've been cool! Maybe next time.

I started off the next day as all good days start - with a gigantic iced & flavored coffee and a green tea layered cake. This one came from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, an American chain that I am unfamiliar with. We went here a couple of times, the coffee was always nice and I really loved the Frappacinno style ice blended drinks, particularly the Milk Tea flavor. Pretty sure 'milk tea' tastes so different than regular 'milky tea' because condensed milk is used. Maybe I'll try it here sometime for a nice little treat, as it's super tasty, sweet, and creamy.

That drink however was a 'double chocolate latte', which I think might've had tiny bits of cocoa bean in it - or more likely bitsy chocolate chips. Either way, it tasted very nice and chocolate-y. It's a shame I missed out on the new Melon ice blended that is out, it sounds super delicious & is an appealing pastel coral color.

I ended up needing all that energy as this was one of the most extensive walking days of our time in Singapore! We went and saw some super cool exhibitions, including one about dinosaurs - one of my favorite museum topics, haha.

It was a fun exhibit for sure! When we tuckered of dinosaurs, we went into the nearest mall & ate at Burger King. We had been excited about a couple of things on the menu already - the Beef Rendang burger, 'Tropical Pop', and cheese fries!

Well uh,'s not on the menu anymore. Trust me, it photographed a lot better under the studio lights at Burger King HQ SG. Kind of just looks like a chili burger, huh?

Yeah, it looks pretty gross. The eating was an improvement, but I have to say, not by much. It tasted a bit like plain, cheap beef & onions. The rendang sauce didn't have any flavor at all -I just tasted onions- and even the bun seemed drier than usual. It's been awhile since I ate Burger King, and this burger was a good reminder why. It was a bit tasteless and the texture was off. I had been really looking forward to this one, I was expecting a strong rendang taste with some spiciness, but it just didn't happen. Oh well!

The cheese fries were really good though, nice nacho-style cheese sauce with a bit of heat. Also, the fries were much nicer than Burger King's usually are - they were more like McDonald's mix of crispies & greasies than the usual dry, potato-y mess Burger King provides. The Tropical Pop wasn't available, so I consoled myself with on-tap Fanta Grape. Not only is grape soda available, it's in the fountains!
For dinner I had a great big mound of colorful & multi-textured food.

with gravy!

Shredded lettuce, cheese, hamburger steak, omelette, rice inside omelette, curry sauce. This is how it looked before I started eating it, haha. The only disappointment here was that the rice inside wasn't ketchup flavored. I only thought that it would be as I think classically in Japan these 'omurices' are served with ketchup fried rice. To be fair, this is clearly different than that as it includes hamburger steak and curry sauce. It was a lovely & huge meal that actually filled me so much I didn't even consider dessert.

Things start to become a blur after this day of meals...what's lunch, what's dinner? W h o   k n o w s .  . . 
So, the next meal we had according to photographic evidence was a lunch at Fish & Co, a chain of fish restaurants in Southeast Asia which gave me a super idea for a restaurant here in the UK. Take a look at what I ate:

Just plain fish & chips, are you thinking? Sure, it's more fish & fries...but yeah, nothing you haven't seen before. Number one, the fish was so fresh and tasted so delicate & lovely. Number two, the batter was tempura so nice & crispy without being oily. Hammanah hammanah, but you can still find this in London pretty easy! Well, here's where things change:

Zippy zap! This is 'Danish Fish & Chips', one from Fish & Co's long list of Fish & Chips from Around the World. This one is 'stuffed with spices and mozzarella cheese', and apparently 'even the Viking's couldn't resist!'

I could agree with that. The cheese is a nice in-between of stringy & saucy, the spices seem like they're paprika, pepper, and nutmeg - maybe more, or totally different ones. Danish spices? It's been awhile since I ate it, but it was amazing. So, my grand idea? Well, just Fish & Chips themed around the world. One restaurant in London, tourists would come in wanting to try their country interpretation of an English classic, and locals would come to try new & different versions of the national dish! Am I right, or am I right? I know I'd go.

I really wish I could go to Fish & Co again, and I'll keep my eyes peeled for their other locations on further travels!

I'm skipping ahead a bit to save a meatier post for next time, so I'll end on a sweet note.

Kaya toast is a classic Singaporean breakfast made of coconut jam, sugar, and butter - on toast. Or in my case, on steamed bread.

It's very, very butter. That's an entire pat of butter, artfully placed and it makes for a very cute piece of toast, but man - that's more butter than you need. The kaya itself tastes sweet & a little tropical, I think it might be young coconut so it isn't the same strong taste as you'd normally get. The steamed bread was nice and squishy, and my husband had the traditional toast.

He had even more butter than I did - that entire cheese slice looking bit in the toast was solid butter. It's tasty stuff though - if you like butter, sugar, and carbs. Which all good people do, right?

That's all I've got for today, but I'll be back with more including McDonald's in Singapore and my favorite Japanese chocolate of all time...from Singapore!


  1. Loving these mini series, can't wait for the next!

    YUMMY★うんち | Japanese Snack reviews

    1. Thank you! Next one will be up later today - and then after that, more to come sometime in September once I'm back from Japan. :X

  2. The last bit reminds me of the time I spent in Germany quite a number of years ago now as an exchange student. When we had a day trip the mother of the family I stayed with would pack a lunch that often included a couple of sliced hard rolls. The first time I had one I thought the thick yellowish slices in them was cheese...nope, butter. :) I honestly had not idea Singapore was like that, enjoying hearing about it a lot.

    1. Yeah, I wouldn't have suspected as much butter either! That must be the Western influence, as I don't think butter was a major part of the Southeast Asian diet prior to the ports being opened. Hard rolls with a thick slab of butter does sound pretty good - hardy food for a day at school though, haha! Thanks for reading & sharing. :)

  3. Hi CreamySteaks!

    Thank you for your lovely review of our food, and we hope you'll dine with us again soon! :)

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    Fish & Co. Singapore

    1. Hi Fish & Co, that sounds great! You have my permission - I'd appreciate a link back. Feel free to use the images as well.

      I really loved my food - and the Candy Crush drink too, that I gulped down too fast to review. ;)

      Have a great week, looking forward to seeing myself on the site! If you have any questions just go ahead and email me at, too. :)

      Best regards,

    2. Hi Chelsea,

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