Thursday, April 24, 2014

William Curley Sea Salt Caramel Mou Bar

Here we have another purchase I made at the Chocolate Festival - this time actual straight up chocolate. My review of the brownies includes a bit of a blurb about the festival itself, as well. There will be a couple more reviews coming, including stuff from Melt & 5th Dimension Chocolates.

I've had William Curley treats a few times - including a super fun experience at the dessert bar & a box of assorted chocolates. I was looking forward to trying this bar, as salted caramel is tops and I had no idea what 'mou' is...but I was interested. Why didn't I ever think to Google it?

Instead, I just bought one as soon as it was in front of me. Hey, like people in the olden days!

It's quite cool that it is split in two, that made sharing it with my husband very easy. I guess the implication is you shouldn't eat both of them at the same time. Pah!

It is a dark chocolate that it's covered in - I think it's the best partner to the filling as the caramel is sweet & salty, the little bit of bitterness makes the rest of the flavors really come out. It's a thin coating, so I can't really speak to the flavor of the chocolate too specifically except that it went very well with the caramel.

So, turns out mou seems to mean a caramel that is soft & chewy rather than runny or firm. Tough to call it 'chewy', though, as it does sort of melt in your mouth eventually - you wouldn't have to chew.

 William Curley does another salted caramel bar, that isn't specified as being mou - so I think that one is runny. It's really a matter of preference, and I think I'd go with the runnier one next time. Not that the mou wasn't good - I just prefer very runny caramel. As far as chewier ones go though, the taste was lovely & the texture was better than usual since it was very soft and chewing wasn't a complete necessity.


  1. I prefer runny caramel as well, but I also prefer it in a lighter chocolate! I appreciate your take on how the bitterness of the darker chocolate may make richer the sweetness of the buttery caramel! I'll have to try it! Also, I knew what the word "mou" was, but only as I happened upon it by chance and didn't know how to pronounce it, so I ventured to an online dictionary for help. I listened as an unknown man annunciated the word over and over and laughed myself so silly that I never got 'round to the definintion! So thank you for that as well!

  2. Ha, you're most welcome! Mou is a weird word...I have no idea how it sounds. I'll have to check it out being spoken somewhere. :)

    1. If you will allow me the distinction, I'm happy to spell it phonetically for the proper pronunciation! Here it is:
      As you might have gathered I am sometimes quite easily made to laugh! MOO indeed is exactly how the word is spoken. :)
      Now we have learned from one another! What a lovely thing! :)