Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cadbury, Dairy Milk Ritz

So there's been a continental European version of these out for awhile made by Milka, and they were available online quite readily last year at places like Cybercandy & Monster Sweets, I just hadn't bought one. Maybe subconsciously I knew that Cadbury was likely to release their own version since they're both owned by Kraft now.

The Milka version is with Tuc crackers, but Ritz are the same sort of thing - buttery and salty. I haven't tried the LU Biscuit version yet, as I think butter cookies & chocolate isn't that weird. Isn't that kind of what a Lu is already? The 'Petit Ecolier' one, at least. I didn't know Lu was a brand. Also, isn't a Lu biscuit a term for urinal cake or something? Sorry, I'm not normally into potty humor but that's too obvious to pass up.

So for all those reasons, I passed on the Lu and probably won't bother trying it - I'm still sort of dieting and if I can live without a treat, I should. However, my love of salty & sweet meant I couldn't survive without trying this Ritz & Dairy Milk.

It's nicely presented, I was glad that they made these in smaller sizes than the last few Cadbury limited editions (Oreo, Golden Biscuit Crunch, Nutty Caramel) which only came in that giant block. That's just asking for trouble, Cadbury. So in this bar I got 4 normal sized squares, and it was under 200 calories for the entire pack. The chocolate teapot on the front might be some sort of admission that chocolate & Ritz crackers "makes as much sense as a chocolate teapot" to which I respond, "wrong". It makes all the sense in the world.

One of my co-workers pointed out that the crackers sandwiching the chocolate give it a bit of a s'mores feel, and keeps your fingers clean as a result. I bet these would be nice microwaved a little bit with marshmallows...then again, what wouldn't be nice like that?

So, it's nicely presented throughout, but how's the taste? Not bad, considering it is delicious Dairy Milk and crunchy bits of cracker, but a little disappointing. When you say Ritz to me, I'm thinking buttery & salty. These were just sort of crunchy, and not really salty at all. The buttery taste was there a bit, and that was nice, but I sort of felt like they might as well have been the Lu biscuit variety.

Maybe my taste for salty chocolate is a bit out of the mainstream, so in that case it was smart for Cadbury to err on the side of caution and use low sodium Ritz. For me though, it meant it lost out what it could've been. Still very tasty, and there was a bit of salty taste, so I'd get one again & be pretty pleased. It just could've been even better.

Maybe I'll just get a sleeve of Ritz & a big bar of Dairy Milk and call in sick to work for a couple days.