Friday, October 18, 2013

Caramel Apple Milky Way

My second review after coming back from America, and boy are my wings tired - as they were never meant to type, that is.

So, I'm going from fancy-schmancy chocolate to the lowest of the low - that's right, Milky Ways!

I have no love for Milky Ways, whether they're being called 'Mars' or not. They're just not my style - fluffy nougat and caramel need to be broken up with peanuts - ergo, Snickers, or something...anything other than the dull, chewy sweetness of caramel and nougat.

So, I bought these for the novelty - they were actually my 'office treat', since it is customary in my office to bring back treats after you've been on holiday. I assumed I wasn't going to like them that much, so I figured no skin off my nose if they were all eaten by my co-workers.

So, I brought them in, opened them up, snatched up 4 to take home to try in my own sweet time, and came back to the office within 24 hours to find the remaining 36 bars completely gone. So, yes, they were a big hit.

I still hadn't tried one, and was really just putting it off - even after my husband raved about them, as well. There's just something so boring about Milky Ways, even when you're telling me that they're apple flavored. I just close my eyes and picture mushing up nougat and caramel for a minute and I feel like I've eaten it already.

Also, artifical apple flavor isn't really my bag. When I was in middle school these things were absolute gold for my classmates - kind of like cough syrup is these days - but I never got into them. I would've much rather had one of those vanilla flavored Tootsie Midges, or better still, any candy not made by the Tootsie company. I just think apple flavored things taste a bit like the way potpourri smells.

So, finally I decided to try one of the two Milky Ways that I had left at home - and brother, was I wrong about everything.

When unwrapped, I was quite surprised. The apple smell was subtle, and not at all as tart or artificial as I thought it would be. Sure, it was fake - it is apple chocolate, after all - but it didn't smell unlike a real apple, so that's something! Also, it was distinctly a 'red' apple as opposed to a Granny Smith, which is much more sour and what apple flavored candy often tastes like.

They tasted just like red caramel apples, it was nuts. Particularly, it was like a caramel apple with chocolate chips across it - one of those 'gourmet apples' that are completely over the top.

Sure, the texture was still like Marshmallow Fluff and sticky caramel, but this time it just kind of worked - mostly because there was an interesting and well-done flavor to it, as well. The main problem for me with Milky Ways is the taste - its like a marshmallow, just plainly 'sweet'. By adding a pretty natural, and subtle apple flavor they elevated themselves by about 10 plateaus. I wonder what other flavors would work with a Milky Way?...And I wonder if the UK will ever seen interesting variations on the Mars bar - because that all caramel one was quite a lame effort comparatively speaking!

Funny enough, I couldn't find them at any of the main American import webshops in the UK, but there are a few sellers on Ebay.

Also, be on the lookout for an opportunity to try one of these, along with tons of other snacks from li'l ol' me...Keep your eyes on my brand new Facebook page for more details this weekend.

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