Thursday, August 15, 2013

Puchitto Kudamono, Muscat

Hope you guys like reading about Japanese candy, because I love eating it, and then writing lots of paragraphs about it.

This time around, I've got Puchitto Kudamono. No, it's not that disease you get from kissing or eating pufferfish, it's a variety of Japanese gummi inspired by the kind of fruit that you can pull apart into littler bits...and pineapple. Yep, somehow among the easily cleaved fruits such as grapes & oranges, pineapple got itself into the mix. Pineapple always has been the trickiest of fruits - both in terms of cleverness, and ease of eating. Guess I should be thankful they simplified it for the candy version.

Now, the flavor I will be reviewing is muscat, which in Japanese sweets is seen as a distinct flavor - separate from grape. Usually breaks down that muscat sweets are green, and 'classic' grape sweets are purple.
Monkeys, of course, aren't picky and will happily eat any fruit candies you've got. See?

The main difference between grape and muscat is the same difference between grape soda and grape juice. Grape juice has a tangy edge, something similar to what you'll taste in wine; vaguely fermented, slightly soured, resembles actual fruit. Whereas grape soda tastes just like...well, purple. Most days I'll gladly take grape soda over grape juice, so I'm more of a fan of the purple grape candies than the green. What an explanation...

However, candy's candy and most all of it is dandy, so I was excited to try these. Also, I love the idea of tearing tiny chunks off of an already small gummi, and eating it like actual tiny fruit. Spoiler: by the end, I was just eating an entire Thing of Grapes candy, no tearing to slow me down.
Cute, huh? As you can see, they come out looking as they do on the package. The color is sweet, sort of somewhere between a pastel green and undercooked bun. They are certainly small, but you get quite a few in the package and if you manage to be daintier than me (an easy feat) you'll take awhile to get through each little 'grape'.

They're very squishy, and gently chewy like the more marshmallow-y type Japanese gummies, as opposed to the firmer sugar-and-gelatin type variety. I always feel like these softer chews have more collagen, but that also sounds like something I could've made up.

The flavor is like other muscat products on the Japanese market, a lot like white grape juice but sweeter. It is more of an 'adult' grape flavor, I suppose, than the purple stuff. S'pose it's a lot like an actual green grape, just sweeter with a less juicy texture.

All in all, these were a super fun candy & I'd gladly give any of the other flavors a try. OyatsuCafe, who generously provided me with these to review, currently have a nice offer on their site where you get a 3-pack of the Muscat, Grape, and Pineapple flavors for a discounted price. I'd take advantage of that if you're at all interested in these cute & tasty novelty gummies, and slap on some pizza chips while you're at it. You know, for dinner.
(OyatsuCafe so kindly provided me with some products for review, but all opinions are just my own!)

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