Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Puccho Disney Pixar World, Candy & Charm

I'm not usually one for chewy candies - I know they're particularly harsh on teeth, so my paranoia about decay overrides the joy that a long lasting, tangy chew can provide.

That being said, I am a sucker for a gimmick, especially one that I can hang off of my keys. Enter Puccho Disney Pixar World, a candy that comes with a charm. Not just a charm if you ask me, but lots of charm. With it's bright packaging and promise of adorably pudgy Pixar characters (that do indeed resemble Puccho squares) inside, I couldn't resist these charms.

I was hoping to get either Mike, Sully, or Buzz as my charming companion - but I'm certainly not complaining about Unsure Puccho Woody! He's very sweet.

Speaking of sweet, the candies themselves are a milky berry flavor. While not my favorite - I would've preferred something citrus or more tangy if I was choosing based on flavor - they're inoffensive & are probably toothsome to all fans of chewy candies. Won't be setting anyone's world on fire, but you'd be hard pressed to find someone who would spit out a gentle strawberry & raspberry candy. I was most reminded of the Berries 'n' Creme variety of Starburst, famous for this terrible, no good, genuinely annoying ad.

Puccho sets itself apart from other chewy candies by including cool little bits of firmer gummy inside. Some varieties also include fizzy bits, but these Disney Pixar variant stick to the basic formula. The main body of the Puccho is a soft Starburst texture, while the interior gummies are firm - a bit like a Haribo Gold Bear.

They're still available to purchase at TofuCute (shipping within the UK!) at a right reasonable £2.99 for an imported candy & keychain. I haven't seen them on any of my other favorite Japanese candy webshops, but maybe they'll arrive later on in the year.

It's a shame that this free toy/free bauble attached to food & drink thing hasn't really made it across the world yet. In America we used to get free toys in cereal, but that has really declined in practice since I was a kid. Probably fear of choking hazards - same reason the Kinder Egg is banned in the USA. Were there free toys in cereal in England ever?

 I did happen to see over Christmas that you could get a big box of PG Tips that included a stuffed version of their monkey mascot inside, so perhaps the time is nigh for western consumable companies to start including fun extras in their products again!


  1. These straps are definitely cuter than the Attack on Titan versions! I really want to collect these now hehe

    YUMMY★うんち | Japanese Snack reviews

    1. Yes, you definitely should! Attack on Titan - I saw those ones, they're cute in an ugly way, haha. :)