Monday, January 26, 2015

Muller De Luxe Corner, Cherry Kirsch

I've been a fan of this deluxe version of Crunch Corners since the beginning. I think they're up to about 6 or 7 varieties, and my favorite was the Marc de Champagne variety. It had a strawberry compote, champagne flavored yogurt, and cocoa-dusted biscuit balls. I think fruity flavors really go best with yogurt, since the natural tang of plain yogurt goes well with the natural tang of fruity flavors. Most of the other flavors out are more 'dessert-like', so coconut, praline, chocolate, and vanilla. While these are nice, with yogurts like that I can't help but think, "Gee, this would be better as a pie or something." Fruit & yogurt are more of a natural match than traditional dessert flavors & yogurt.

So I was excited to see this new Cherry Kirsch variety, which seems to accompany another new flavor that isn't yet available at my local shop - Raspberry Parfait - which looks amazing.

The whipped cream cherry kirsch yogurt is thick & so creamy - the whipped cream takes off some of the tang, which makes this easier on the palate as a dessert. It's got a very slight pink hue. It's not a strong or artificial flavor, but it is not exactly natural either. The sweetness reminds me of amerena cherries, which stands to reason as I think those cherries are marinated in syrup. Not like a candied maraschino, but no real sourness like in a fresh cherry.

 The chocolate syrup at the bottom is just slightly thinner than the yogurt with a dark & tiny-bit-bitter taste. So far, so good - I'm a big fan of chocolate covered cherries and this approximates the taste well.

The only place this one falls down a bit is with the 'corner' aspect, which is meant to be dark chocolate covered cherry infused digestive bits. The coating seems cheap & artificial with no pleasant melt. Just sort of flakes off in my mouth rather than melts in a creamy way. Some of that might be a symptom of being refrigerated, but either way it seems more like a dark chocolate flavored 'candy melt' rather than actual dark chocolate. The digestive biscuit 'bits' are crispy & tasteless all but for the sugar by themselves. As for the cherry infusion, yeah, it's there - but it's not very strong at all.

There were plenty of them, but they just sort of loomed over the smooth & lovely taste of the yogurt and didn't mesh that well. Honestly, I'd rather have had this without any of the corner pretenses. Save some calories & maybe make it a bit cheaper?

I'm not sure why the corner didn't work well, because in the marc de champagne variety they're the best part. They're both meant to be biscuit bits, but one is coated in dark chocolate infused with cherry, and the other is cocoa powder dusted. The issue does really seem to stem from the coating. It's a shame it's such a let down!

If I had to make a guess for the next flavor (and yeah...kind of a wish too) I'm thinking a Jaffa-style chocolate & orange version could do really nicely.

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