Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kajitte Kajitsu Gumi, Peach

Gummies & me, it's kind of a lady doth protest to much situation. I say, oh, well, I don't really like gummies. They're not my style. Forget 'em. Yet here I am, approaching what must be my double-digits for gummy reviews.

I think they're just easy to ignore - it's not so much that I dislike them, it's just that they make up such a large part of the candy landscape that they just sort of blend in with the crowd. Sorry for the rep, gummies. You're allllright.

The translation for this candy is apparently something along the lines of "fruit & biting" - maybe a reference to the fruit flavors & the chewy nature of them? Also it's got a cool bit of alliteration - something along the lines of Foamy & Fruits or Chewing & Candy in English.

I remember that I was so interested in them at Candysan because they looked like little marshmallows & they may have been described as being sproing-y like mallows, but looking at them now they appear more like little pates de fruit, but smooth without the sugar coating.

I've never had a pate de fruit, but I imagine they're quite natural tasting since they're made from actual fruit - they share that in common with these gummies! They're very delicately flavored like an actual peach would be, and aren't too sweet.

The texture inside is very smooth like jelly, and similar to the chew of a marshmallow. Bouncy!

There isn't much to say about these, the flavor is natural, they're coated in a bit of a cornstarch coating, and they're smooth and soft. I'd try another flavor that sounded nice, but it'd be hard to beat peach.

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