Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meltykiss Royal Milk Tea Chocolate

You might recollect from my final Singapore food round-up that I'm a huge fan of Royce chocolate. The smooth melting, fudgey & strong tasting chocolates are some of my absolute favorites. Meltykiss is sort of the shelf stable and therefore more easily accessible version of these. Since they're not fresh & they're made with cheaper ingredients, they're not necessarily as good - but you can actually get them here in the UK (JapanCentre stocking online & in store, TofuCute stocking for cheaper online & at festivals) and they come out with a variety of flavors.

Flavors like Dark Rum, Blueberry, Green Tea, Cappuccino, and also an offshoot known as 'Whips' that I've never tried and look like that might have a bit of sauce in the middle in addition to the chocolate & cocoa powder coating that is classic to Meltykiss. This one is Milk Tea, non-Whip.

Another way to look at these types of chocolates, both Royce & MeltyKiss, is that they're similar to classic French-style chocolate truffles. Rolled up, dusted in cocoa powder. Royce is significantly softer than classic truffles, but Meltykiss is quite a bit firmer. At least the ones that are exported from Japan - it could be that they harden up a bit in the travel. They're all individually wrapped, and there were about 15 in the box, perhaps? Somewhere more than 10.

If you left them on your tongue, they would melt - so, MeltyKiss. If you've never tried one before, I really recommend it. As far as the Milk Tea flavor, I was a fan!

There was a nice tea-like savoriness that paired well with the chocolate - if you like dipping milk chocolate in tea this will really appeal to you. It basically tastes & even has a similar texture to chocolate dipped in PG Tips! Sorta melty, a tea-like taste.

These are a fairly good substitute for Royce, and with some intriguing flavors & pretty easy availability, it's certainly worth a few pounds!

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