Saturday, February 15, 2014

Paul A Young, Selection Box

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, thank you! Also, you know that I love Paul A. Young - my favorite treat to get in the world is probably Paul A Young chocolates & baked goods. I've reviewed them a couple times on the blog (Gingerbread Caramel Shortbread, Valentine's Caramel Shortbread), but not nearly as many times as I've eaten them.

Even though he's probably most famous for some of the weirder creations, like Port & Stilton truffles and Marmite truffles, there are always plenty of 'safe' options available too. It's fun to try the weirder stuff, and I highly recommend throwing a couple into a selection box, but you'd be remiss not to also try his perfected versions of Salted Caramels, Chai Tea, and fruit/alcoholic centers.

On Valentine's Day my husband I went back to Abeno (see last year's review) and it was just as delicious and fun as it was before. Afterwards we went to Paul A Young...which we probably did last year, too! We're creatures of habit...or have we just discovered the most winning food combo in London? Do it yourself, and you be the judge.

We got a few bits & pieces, including some baked goods I'll also review - but here first is our selection box. There are a couple Valentine's specific chocolates, so I don't know how readily available they'll be from now - but there are non-specific ones also reviewed.

Chai Tea Truffles - So nice, very warming and creamy like a great chai latte. The cinnamon & nutmeg flavors are there, as are the less easy to ID flavors that make a chai tea spicy. Reminded me a bit of a chocolate egg tart, which is also spicy and chocolatey with a solid, creamy texture. Interesting that these seemed to be milkier chocolate, where many of other selections were dark.

Glenmorangie Truffle - This one was my husbands', and he describes it as 'not too alcoholic', and that it had 'a smooth ganache center'. He 'liked it'. Sorry folks, there is a reason I do the reviews, haha. It sounded nice!

Valentine's Breakfast Truffle - Probably the strangest one of this bunch, this truffle is described as being brown toast, butter, and marmalade. Quite on the money, the texture is dry but moist, like a well buttered slice of toast, and there is a large dollop of marmalade inside the truffle. It tastes just like hearty brown bread & marmalade - and of course chocolate. It was super good!

Battenburg Cake Truffle - This one was incredible. Originally I was going to eat the entire thing, but I couldn't bring myself to not let my husband try it. It tasted just like creamy almond cake batter inside delicious, not-to-sweet white chocolate. Truly stupendous, I was going to be happy with it just being like marzipan inside white chocolate, but it really was like a liquid Battenburg. A must try!

Honey Almond Caramel - Again, so good. Couldn't really taste the honey, but I never can. It may have lightened up the taste of the caramel, made it less thick. This was like his wonderful salted caramel, plus a big roasted almond, all covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate. This one I did just have to myself.

Rhubarb and Pink Peppercorn - We had forgotten what flavor this was by the time we got home, but it was one of our favorites. Very citrussy and piquant, but it didn't leave a really tart or tangy taste, it kind of ended on a gentle note unlike a lot of other tangy fruit flavors. Very well rounded.

Nothing but love for Paul A Young's chocolates. When you're getting one that sounds good, it will be good. When you're getting a kooky sounding one, there is a good chance it will also be good, and that's quite the feat.

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