Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cadbury Pots of Joy, Creme Egg

The diet could only last so long, you know.

Well, okay, I am still dieting, but I've reintroduced some joy into my life. Namely, a pot of joy. Get it? Ah, you get it.

I love Creme Eggs, I think they're the UK's single greatest export...single greatest export. I know exactly what I'm saying. So when I saw these at my lunch break at work, I braved the jeers & taunts of my co-workers and bought them - 'screw the diet' I was heard to say by the other Pots of Joy. That's what I call my co-workers, of course.

Described as being made with Cadbury's melted chocolate and having a 'fondant layer', I was assuming this was going to mostly be a chocolate pudding. It's funny, I think the Pots of Joy got a lot of good reviews around the web but the chocolate & caramel varieties left me a little bored. I think chocolate pudding is so commonplace in America it would be very hard to get one of us types excited about it. In the US, you can get literally dozens of different flavors of pudding, 24 hours a day. Here is an example of just what Jello currently has in the refrigerated section. Stuff like birthday cake, Oreo 'dirt cups', and s'mores is common place. So yeah, it just didn't light my world on fire when I saw that Cadbury was making chocolate pudding. Sure, it was good, but pudding is just about the world's most boring dessert - especially when it isn't warm and homemade with a skin on top. Mmm, pudding skin.

All that being said, the white chocolate one was really nice - mostly because that's a flavor you don't often get with pudding. However, you never get Creme Egg flavor in a pudding, so I was quite pumped.

Opening it up, it did smell quite chocolatey & looked like a plain ol' chocolate pudding. I was curious if the yellow and white yolk of the fondant was going to translate.

And it did! It looked really cool, but I was trying to balance my expensive new camera and hold a spoon near it at the same time, so consider this an action shot. Post action. On the plus side, no chocolate on my camera, even though I'm really stupid!

The chocolate layer was about 1/4 of the pot, and tasted like a pretty nice chocolate pudding. I dunno, I'm not a big 'cold chocolate' person. I don't even like chocolate ice cream that much. It tasted fine, just like a Rolo dessert or something, but I was happy to dispense of it quickly and get to the creme layer...the fondant layer.

I was really wondering how it was going to taste like the inside of a creme egg, considering the inside of a creme egg just tastes like thickened sugar syrup. Well, it tastes like that but cold. It's really accurate, and it's quite nice! I recommend eating the entire chocolate layer first, and then savoring the sweet fondant layer since the taste is quite a bit more delicate. The texture is smooth & not at all grainy.

Kev of Kev's Snack Reviews tried this one as well, so take a look at his review too! I think we felt about the same way.

Is it better than the Creme Egg ice creams that come out around this time? No. Is it better than Creme Eggs themselves? No. Is it better than regular pudding? Totally - and it's worth trying if you are a fan of Creme Eggs and/or novelty products.


  1. Thanks for the mention :) These are definitely better than regular puddings indeed!

    1. No problemo, great review! And yeah, regular puddings might as well go home at Easter.

  2. heck, i'd buy me a couple--and i'm no fan of cold puddings no way, but a fan of Cadbury's, and their Creme Eggs? Y E S !! thanks for the review!!

    1. Yes! My thoughts exactly. Cold pudding should always be seasonal candy themed.

    2. agreed!!! *dear diabolical-yet-delicious planning journal 03-FEB-2014, 1) become Puddings Czar 2) almost out of soda"