Saturday, September 1, 2012

Creamy Steaks: The Blog: The Overview

A few mornings ago, I was drying my hands on my towel and felt a breezy, stray hair kind of feeling on my arm.  I brushed the area using my other hand, and looked down--it was no stray hair.  It was a spider just right there on my arm.  I shrieked and batted it off, but I couldn't see where it had gone or where it had come from...

It was in that moment I decided to start a blog.  That brush with 'the big sleep' left me wondering what I had to show for all my years of eating snacks.  Nothing, plain old nothing.

I'm a married, non-college graduate of college graduating age with a nice job and a pretty sweet life, but I need something more.  A place to review the foods I so enjoy.  So here it is, another food blog with a stupid name.  No twist, no direction, no turning back... just like a spider that got batted off the arm of a coward.

Creamy Steaks will review creamy things, meaty things, sweet things, and salty things.  Sometimes whole meals, sometimes just snacks.  I will have pictures, and some of them will look horrible because of flash.  Enjoy it.

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